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Young Buck – Got Me On It (Video)

Jan 27

[Music Video] Tony Pacasso – “Cuttin Corners”

Tony Pacasso - Cuttin Corners

Jan 27


Grammy-winning rapper Eminem reportedly has his eyes on Grand Hustle’s B.o.B. as new reports claim Slim wants him on Shady Records.

Although neither side has addressed the gossip, reports claim Shady has already tried to add Bobby Ray to his roster.

I was unaware that producer Jim Jonsin had paperwork on rapper B.O.B., but that seems to be the case. It seems that B.O.B. is signed to Jim in some form or fashion – forgive my ignorance – and that’s been a very successful situation for the most part.

But, I am hearing that Eminem is looking to get B.O.B. on Team Shady or already has tried. Apparently, sometime in the recent past Em said he would be willing to buy Bob out of his contract for a few milli. But, I am hearing that Jim isn’t with it and may have already turned Em down for the offer. I guess B.O.B. remains to be a hot commodity. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Back in late 2011, B.o.B. said he got Em to critique his Strange Clouds sophomore effort.

B.o.B revealed that he and Em have been in touch, and he had a chance to play Slim Shady his new record, Strange Clouds. Bobby Ray said it was still surreal to sit down with Em and have the rapper critique his work, especially since Em has been supportive of what he’s already done. “I grew up listening to Eminem, so to be able to work and get advice on your music from him is a dream come true,” he said. “It was free, a free environment. It really wasn’t rigid, just real free with the music, no ego.” (MTV)

In spring 2010, the Atlanta rapper leaked his Eminem-featured “Airplanes Pt. II” joint effort.

“Since the album is leaking…I want this one to come from ME. Hear “Airplanes Pt.2″ ft. EMINEM & Hayley Williams ofParamore www.bobatl.com,” he wrote Monday (April 19). “Much Love to the people who are still going out to support the album April 27th…like in the old days!” (B.o.B.’s Twitter)

“Airplanes” producer Alex da Kid previously spoke to SOHH about what makes B.o.B. so special.

“I met B.o.B. about two years ago in LA, it was like a last minute session and we actually didn’t really do anything in that session, we were just talking and then I went to the strip club, [laughs],” Alex told SOHH about befriending B.o.B. “He’s a super cool guy, but we didn’t speak for a little while because we were so busy but obviously I’m just super proud of him. He was on the label for a while and you see that so much where an artist will get signed and then kinda left on the label and then he did the deal with T.I. over at Grand Hustle which made people kinda stand up and pay more attention. He’s got a great team around him and what I love about him is he does something different, he’s not just a regular rapper. He’s super talented, he can play guitar and sing and do something different.” (SOHH)

Jan 17

Kendrick Lamar Responds to Nas’ Praise

Jan 17

[Video] Trinidad James Breaks Down His Collection of All Gold Everything

Jan 17


Dec 27

[MIXTAPE] SUGE WHITE presents JIMMY DA GENT-D.O.A.P. (The Definition of a Product)

Download – Suge White presents Jimmy Da Gent-D.O.A.P. (The Definition of a Product)


1. Intro (prod. by Sin Beatcamp 201)

2. Shoulda Woulda Coulda ft. Gemstar (prod. by Havoc)

3. Feel Big (prod. by J Cardim)

4. Can’t Lie ft. Big Wee (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)

5. Break Bread (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)

6. Like a Dealer (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)

7. Zoned Out (prod. by G Money Baby)

8. Hey (Wait) (prod. by 15 Sec Ent)

9. Heavy ft. J Mendez (prod. by Kris Fame)

10. My Fears (prod. by J Mizzle)

11. Getting Bread ft. Mike Beck (RIP) & P-Doe (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)

12. Supacala (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)

13. Eyez off Me (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)

14. You Mine (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)

15. Everything ft. Gina Montana & Nathaniel (prod. by 15 Sec. Ent.)

16. NY Days, Miami Nights ft. Stack$ (prod. by 15 Sec. Ent.)

17. Move It Around ft. Capone of CNN & Dave Lerrick (prod. by Kris Fame)

18. Goin Crazy (prod. by J Cardim)

19. Higher Than Before (prod. by Payton)

20. L.S.D. (Living Slowly Dying)


21. Time Never Stops ft. Prinz, Mike Beck (RIP) & Dave Lerrick (prod. by Dave Lerrick) [BLACKHAND PRODUCT EP COMING SOON]

22. It’s Tha Product ft. Dave Lerrick & Tony Pacasso (prod. by Kris Fame) [THA PRODUCT Coming Soon]


Dec 26



Weeks after teenager Chassan Rasagi took legal measures to go after Odd Future after allegedly suffering multiple injuries from a physical on-stage altercation, new reports claim he is now scared for his safety.

According to reports, Rasagi is receiving handfuls of threats since the incident took place earlier this month.

A fan who suffered a nasty onstage beatdown at the hands of rap group Odd Future continues to be viciously attacked … only now, it’s by bitter fans on the Internet — and the 17-year-old tells us, he’s scared for his life. Rasagi filed a police report immediately after the incident — and has since lawyered up to sue the group — but now, he tells us he can’t even go online without facing relentless torment, anti-Semitism, and violent threats from OF fans. Among the threats: -”Needs to get his prepubescent face smashed again…” -”Is a f**king #f***got ass bitch made honky #OFWGKTA should of shoved a mic up your white a**” – “Learn to take a beating you f**king Jew a**” – “You a straight P***y dude” The cyber terrorism’s gotten so frightening … Rasagi says he’s started to keep track of the messages … because he fears he might get jumped, or worse. (TMZ)

Around mid-December, Odd Future’s camp addressed what they claimed really went down at the San Antonio show.

Following today’s news that Odd Future were accused of beating up a 17-year-old fan during their December 8 concert in San Antonio, representatives for the group are claiming that the accuser, Chassan Rasagi, threw the first punch. Odd Future’s camp also sent over what they claim are screenshots from Rasagi’s Twitter account. In the tweets, he seemingly acknowledged throwing the first punch (via a retweet), bragged about the paycheck he would get from suing the group, wrote about his TMZ coverage, and plugged his clothing line. (Pitchfork)

In a series of tweets, Rasagi (a.k.a. DJ BamBam) detailed the fight’s aftermath.

“@DJBAMBAM_ I give you props even tho u swung 1st those lame a** n*ggas suck I would of had your back. Probably would of got my a** beat too.,” he retweeted.

“@Palms_420 @rjis2turntup @odddtodddler I’ll remember to send you a picture of the check when I get it”

“So in a little bit My Attorney & I will be giving a statement to Tmz.”

“So I’m on Tmz?”

“So I’m starting my own Clothing Line…. New T-Shirts will be droppin tomorrow.” (DJ BamBam’s Twitter)

Details of the injuries’ severity emerged online earlier this month.

Several members of the rap group Odd Future unleashed an unholy beatdown on a fan who dared to jump on stage during a show — a fight captured on video — and now, the fan is gearing up to sue. 17-year-old Chassan Rasagi filed a police report with the San Antonio PD, claiming they beat the ever-lovin’ hell out of him. Sources tell us … OF rapper Hodgy Beats pushed Rasagi back into the crowd …and he then became a human ping pong ball when the crowd pushed Rasagi back on stage. At that point, we’re told the group attacked Rasagi en masse. (TMZ)

Check out footage of the San Antonio incident:

Dec 17



Rock of Heltah Skeltah and Suge White are back with a special edition of their Monsta Monday series. This record is called ’12-21-12′ and is produced by King Greatness.

Dec 09

[Music Video] “Friends with Benefits” Master P ft. Kirko Bangz

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